Pioneer NZ 6 Stage MTB Dec 1-6
West Head Road Race 70km September 87th B Grade
Luton 10km (UK) July 21st2nd, 36.14Just got off the plan from Aus
Gold Coast Half Marthon July 7th75:40Blew Up
Port Macquarie 70.3 May 5th1st in Age Group, 5th overallsick leading into event
NSW Club Champs March 16th1st Age Group, 2nd overallchanged to duathlon 4km/30km/8km
Husky 10km February 22nd1st Age Group, 2nd overall, 32.53rode 90km in the morning of the event
Western Australia 70.3 December 2nd2nd Age group, 2nd Overall
ITU AG Wolrd Championships (Standard Distance) September 16th1st AG 35-39 - WORLD CHAMPION!!!1:53, 5th age grouper overall
Winery Running Festival 21km July 22nd4thback from injury
Hereford Parkrun May 26th2nd16.19 Course Record
2XU Triathlon Series April 8th2nd in AG Time 2:02
Ironman New Zealand March 3rdDNF after 14km of the run 55 swim, 5.09 bike
Husky Sprint February 17th4th in AG
Ironman 70.3 Western Australia December 3rd1st in AG, Overall WinnerSwim Cancelled
Nepean Triathlon October 23rd1st in AG, 4th AGerFatsest run 33:09
Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast September 10th2nd AG, 2nd overall AGer 4.07Top 20 outright
Winery Running Festival Half Marathon July 1st Overall 75:01Cycled there 185km the previous day
Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie May 12th in AGStruggled with a back injury
Husky Sprint February 1st AG
Fingal Bay Park Run October 1st 1st 15.57
Sunshine Coast World 70.3 September 4th 1st AG 35-39 WORLD CHAMPION!!!WORLD CHAMPION
NSW Club Champs April 2nd 2nd AG 4th overall
Wollongong Olympic Distance March 6th 2nd Age Group, 2.01 Australian AG Champion
Husky Sprint February 20th 1st AG, 5th overall, 1.02 non-wetsuit swim
Balmoral Club Race January 31st 1st overall 44.10
Ironman World Championships, Kona October 10th 13th AG, 9.25
Sunshine Coast 70.3 September 13th 1st AG, 12th overall - 4.00.42 3rd fastest run overall (including Pro's)
NSW Club Champs May 4th 3rd AG lost timing chip in swim
Husky Sprint February 23rd 1st AG, 2nd overall Fastest run
Ironman Western Australia December 7th 1st AG, 9th overall - 8.47
Challenge Forster November 9th 1st AG - 4.03 1st AGer
Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie May 4th 4th AG, 16th overall - 9.12
NSW Club Champs April 5th 1st AG 3rd year win in a row
Husky Long Course February 23rd 2nd AG Fastest run
Ironman World Championships, Kona October 12th 56th AG, 9.28
Cairns Croc Triathlon September 7th 2nd AG, 2nd overall changed to duathlon
Ironman Australia, Port Macquarie May 5th 3rd AG - 9.43 Ironman debut (Qualified Kona)
NSW Club Champs April 6th 1st AG fastest run
Husky Long Course February 17th 1st AG