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Assioma Duo Power Meter Review

After watching the review, if you are interested in a little more detail about the data, check oour my thoughts below.

Like I mentiined in the video, the two main rides I used to compare the accuracy and reliability of the Assioma Duo's data was:

  1. Zwift Free Ride

  2. Zwift Academy Vo2 Session

Again, as mentioned in the video, both sets of data were compared using a Quarq, Wahoo Kickr Core and the Assioma. I always use the Kickr as my base line, then compare reliability of data based upon its tracking and approximate 'accuracy’ (basiaclly that the numbers you see are fairly consistent with what I'd expect)

Ride 1

Watopia Free Ride

Watopia Free Ride

Ride 2

Zwift Academy Session

Zwift Academy Session

As ypu can see with both ride the data tracking is good. As an athlete I can then say with confidence that the data is reliable and consistently what I woukd expect as changes in resistance occur. They align well with my other power meters, although the numbers are marginally different as I'd expect.

As I also mentioned in the video, tje only time I see a differwnce in data is when there are large changes in power. In the Zwift Academy sesaion I was doing a number of higher power intervals where the change in power wpuld occur rapidly and be significant. In the second ride file you can see (marked with arrows) that during these spikes in power there is some deviation in data from the Assioma to the Quarq. I believe this is due to the Assioma measuring actualy Angular Velocity where as the Quarq takes and Average Angular Velocity. That cpuld explain why the Assioma numbers jump up more rapidly before the Quarq catches it and it alloks the same again. As it was a higher power interval, I didnt really notice it during the ride.

Thanks again for watching and reading. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions about this review.