Huskisson Sprint Triathlon Report

The Huskisson Triathlon festival is on of the best weekends on the tri calendar. Its a great family affair with lots of events for everyone to get stuck into something. In attempt to squeeze some speed back after long course racing, I've been trying to race myself into a bit of shape and capitlise on some speed work I've been doing in training. I was laso looking forward to taking a supporting role the rest of the weekend for all our Energy Link and BTC athletes racing.

Race Report:

The sprint race was a non wetsuit affair, with the water temp hovering around 23 degrees, although after my warm up I was feeling a bit cold and dubious about the temperature recorded? Luckily I brought my Xterra Speed Suit with me to wear over my race suit. My age group was 3rd off after the 2 younger whippet age groups. There was a bit of swell heading out to the first buoy and i was struggling to settle into a good rhythm. 3 guys shot off from the start leaving the rest of us to fight to be at the head of the chase pack. After rounding buoy 2 I started to feel a bit better and find a rhythm, but came in towards T1 feeling like I didnt work hard enough, exiting the water 7th.

Out through T1 on my new Giant Trinity (which I had just lowered the front end of) I was trying to hold a steady wattage while working my way through the athletes ahead. I didn't feel particularly flash, but strong and I was passing people very quickly. By the turn around point i could see there were only about 10 people ahead of me from the 2 age groups ahead and I had taken the lead in my category. On the way back I tried to maintain my power on the slightly easier downhill run back to town. I hit T2 leading my group still, with about 6 or 7 guys ahead of me.

2016-02-20 17.42.51.jpg

I was optimistic for the run after a couple of weeks of speed work on the track without too many achilles issues. i started out at 3.15's thinking I'd be happy coming home in 16 mins, but after 3km I started to waiver to 3.20's not feeling too good, and actually come back slower than expected. I was pleased to win my age group, but definitely some improvements in racing to try to work on in Wollongong in a couple of weeks. 

Thanks to Energy Link Coaching, Titan Performance Group, Xterra Australia, Giant Sydney, Square One Physiotherapy, Science in Sport, Tokyowheel, Balmoral Tri Club and Dani and Ethan for their support.

Post race it was great to watch the rest of the weekends races, hang out with my family and friends, support and enjoy everyone's success in the sprint and long courses races over the weekend.

Can you find Wally?