Dash TT.9 Saddle Review

Dash Cycles makes handmade bike saddles in Colorado, in addition to wheels and seat posts. The Dash TT.9 is a Triathlon/TT saddle designed with a central cut out. It has a one piece construction with carbon rails which makes it a super light saddle (105g for the 3 layer padding version).


I have been riding the 4 layer version TT.9 with a black finish and white logo. The nose of the saddle is 55mm wide which seems to be fairly standard for most short or split nose TT saddles these days. This gives enough hamstring clearance to avoid chaffing and just enough space for the sit bones to be comfortable on the nose. 

The TT.9 being a TT/ Tri specific saddle is superbly comfortable when riding in the aerobars, it had a more linear structure to its padding, meaning that it doesn't taper our from the nose, giving you maximum thigh clearance (compared to saddles with a more triangular shape). While it is exceptionally comfortable in the aerobars, when riding on the base bar you don't actually have a lot of saddle to support your ass! on longer bumpier rides where you may be sat up for a while, this is not necessarily the best option.


By far one of the best additions to the TT.9 is the ability to mount a rear bottle cage on the underside of the saddle. this is the most effective and aerodynamic way to carry additional storage. The only drawback is that I think the angle at which the bottle is mounted is a little too steep. It almost sits horizontal. while this is aerodynamic it makes it harder to reach the bottle when riding, you have a higher likelihood of the bottle ejecting at this angle and I also find that my spare bottle leaks as it is sat at such a downward angle (spilling fluid on my back wheel).



This saddle definitely gets a 10/10 for comfort and design when riding in the TT position. The finish is great and it is super light. With the problems I had with the bottle and the riding space on the saddle I think a better option might be to get the Dash Stage or Stage 9 and mount your own rear cage holder to the bike or the saddle.