Knog Blinder Road Twinpack Light Review

The Knog Blinder Road Twinpack are a medium-high powered light set designed for road riding. With an output of 250 lumen (front) and 70 lumen (back), this set of lights will have you equipped for any urban excursion on two wheels.

Basic Specs:

LIGHT MODES : Front - Total of 8 light modes: Narrow, High, Dual Beam & Flash in both High and Low // Rear - 5 light modes: 1.Steady, 2.Fast, 3.Chaser, 4.Peleton, 5. Eco-Flash.

RUN TIMES (FRONT): Narrow Beam; 1-2 hours, Wide Beam; 1-2 hours; Dual Beam; 2-3 hours, Flashing; 3-6 hours.

RUN TIMES (REAR): 3.5 hours in Steady mode, 4 hours in Fast, 5 hours in Chaser, 13 hours in Peloton Mode and 20 hours in Eco-Flash.



Riding in winter is a constant battle with traffic, weather conditions, one thing you don't want to compromise with is bike lights. The Knog Blinder Twinpack hits nearly all of of my top requirements of a light set. The design is compact and doesn't clog up your cockpit with bulky attachments. The running time, waterproof design and durability gives you great peace of mind for reliability of the product and consistent use. On one occasion I did hit a solid pot hole at Manly Beach and the front light did fly off my handlebars. Upon retrieval, apart from a scuff the light was in perfect working condition. Good work Knog!


  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Sleek design, suited for road bikes

  • Usb rechargable

  • Multiple light modes

  • Good run times

  • Addiitonal mounting options (helmet)


  • Only suited for round seat posts and handlebars

  • Different usb charging cable to standard micro usb


Reliable, easy to use and versatile - a road riders dream!