Lazersport Z1 Helmet Review

Lazersport Z1

Lazersport Z1

'The Z1 is more than just your average helmet'

How often have you had a cycling helmet that offers a variety of uses, besides protecting your nugget? The Z1 helmet by Lazersport could be the needed addition to your helmet collection (


Fit System: ARS Advanced Rollsys® retention system Construction: In-Mold (4 pieces) Ventilation: 31 vents Weight: 190g (S)

RRP: $299

The Z1 is an exceptionally light and well ventilated race helmet suitable for an everyday rider too. It's built on a modern design not to compromise style and is available is a wide range of colours for all the riders who have to match. The Z1 boasts Lazers' Advanced Rollsys system which is an integrated mechanism surrounding the head which is adjusted by a rolling wheel on the top of the helmet for symmetrical fitting and avoiding pressure on the head. It has an integrated wing on the top of the helmet in conjunction with its aerodynamic race design and has an optional aeroshell (cover designed for aerodynamics and to protect a riders head from wind and rain).


The Z1 had a nice wrap around feel for a comfortable ride and seemed to fit my head shape pretty well without putting undue pressure on my forehead or temples. I was pleased with the lightweight design and compared to my current helmet it became an almost forgotten accessory during my longer rides. This helmet is pretty versatile and suitable for a variety training and racing needs.



The Verdict

Helmets are a very personal choice, and when in the market I am looking for function, fit and style! No one wants to ride around with an Ice-cream tub on their head just because it was cheap or was worn by one of your favourite athletes. This helmet has a market difference, adaptability! Light, aerodynamic, affordable, comfortable and stylish and in a variety of colours this helmet could be your ticket!